I’ve already told you all about the 4D Facial Brush.

The fact that it cleanses the skin deep into the pores, refines the complexion with regular use and prepares the skin for subsequent care is only a small part of what the Facial Brush can still offer us.

Through its innovative 4D function, the four movement directions of the brush rotating left-right and pulsating forwards-backwards, it not only cleanses and massages but also exfoliates and leaves the skin feeling super soft and fresh. I thought to myself, if it works so well on the face skin, then certainly also on the lips. And indeed, it works!Read this article about how to get rid of under eye bags for more details.

Everyone knows when the lips are sometimes very dry and brittle, especially in the cold winter days. The constant embalming of the lips does not help. I have discovered a really great method to get great tender lips again within a few steps:

First the lips are moistened with lukewarm water and the facial cleansing brush is moved 3-4 times lightly (do not press hard!) over the lips.

Thus the protruding skin flakes of our lips are gently removed and perfectly prepared for the care afterwards.

Aftercare is especially important to give the lips the moisture they need to regenerate. Therefore I have a simple, yet very effective remedy for you that can be found in every household.

You will need: 2 teaspoons olive oil 1 teaspoon honey Mix both ingredients together and apply generously to the lips. Leave on for about 10-15 minutes and remove with a cotton pad and some water.

Repeat 2-3 times a week if necessary. And already one changes brittle lips into tender groomed lips.

Professional peeling for at home!

I have already introduced you to an effective way to pure and radiant skin, the facial cleansing brush. But it is also important to include a deep cleansing peeling in the care rituals. A peeling helps to remove dead skin cells and thus to remove blackheads and pimples and to permanently prevent them. In addition, pores are refined and this leaves the skin with a more even appearance.

Peeling does not necessarily mean rubbing and chafing your skin coarsely to remove skin flakes. Rather, a gentle method is more effective and therefore does not damage the skin layer or the body’s own protective film.

This protective film serves to defend against bacteria and dirt in our pores and is an essential component of our immune system. Today I present you a product which peels at the same time and does not impair our protective function of the skin.

Make your nails shine !

Beautiful nails completely without chemistry. How does that work ? Read here !
Summer is getting closer and closer and that means the season for sandals and co. is open.

Of course the focus is on the nails and everyone wishes for well-groomed and healthy nails. Beautiful fingernails and toenails are nowadays an important component for a well-groomed appearance and gain more and more attention.

Many therefore use nail modelling with gel or acrylic. However, this leaves permanent damage and the nail becomes brittle, uneven and loses its shine. In addition, the purse suffers from it, since sums between 30-60€ per modellage, every 4-6 weeks, are usual. Here I present you a product that works without chemicals and is much cheaper.

The glass nail file

It consists of hardened glass and has microfine grinding particles. Due to its special innovation, the nail file made of tempered glass is extremely durable. Before application, the nail is removed from any residue, such as nail polish.

Then the nail file with the rough side, which consists of micro-fine abrasive particles, is sanded several times over the nail. After a few seconds the nail will shine. Existing grooves in the nail surface are smoothed and polished. The microfine grinding surface seals the natural nail, making it more resistant.

The result is more than satisfactory. The average application time is between 10-15 minutes. The nail then looks well-groomed and healthy and has a long-lasting natural shine for up to 15 days. Due to the microfine grinding surface, the application is extremely gentle on the nail and the nail is not damaged.

Beauty tricks for face cleansing

The path to naturally beautiful skin is no longer a witch’s work.

Beauty Tricks – The answer is quite simple:

The right cleansing and care leads to a radiant and clean skin! The cleansing process is often underestimated.

In everyday life our skin is heavily stressed by environmental influences such as dirt and also by applied make-up or creams, and the pores that allow our skin to breathe can be clogged, which in turn lead to blackheads and pimples – and we want to avoid these best.

Today I would like to introduce a simple method with which you can gently and effectively remove all residues from your skin – the facial cleansing brush: 

What belongs in the toilet bag of countless stars, like a toothbrush, should not remain a phenomenon – because the application is super easy!

It is recommended to use the brush 2 times a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Depending on the skin type, however, a different variation is also possible.

The application in the evening is especially important, because our skin regenerates overnight and the mere removal of make-up with washing gel or make-up wipes often leaves residues (even if usually not visible to our eyes).

For the application you first moisten your face with lukewarm water. Then apply a small spot of washing gel to the facial cleansing brush. Which washing gel you use is up to you. It is important that you use alcohol-free washing gels for the facial cleansing brush, otherwise the brush will be damaged. I myself always use a mild washing gel for combination skin.

To clean the skin, you go over the face with the brush. Cheeks, nose, chin and lips for about 15 seconds each. At the T-zone I swivel over it several times. You don’t have to move or press yourself. The facial cleansing brush does all this for you.

With the innovative 4D function and 18,000 vibrations per minute, the antibacterial brush can rotate right-left and pulsate forwards-backwards. This effectively removes dirt, make-up or old skin flakes and cleanses the skin deep into the pores. The massage also stimulates the blood circulation of the skin, which leads to a healthier appearance and rosy facial skin.


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