Thermal comfort is provided when people feel that the air temperature, humidity, air movement and heat radiation in their surroundings are optimal and do not want warmer or colder, drier or more humid indoor air.

Outside 30°C and in their office unbearable temperatures prevail, so that they call their service partner, who is surely fast locally and repairs this lack. They feel comfortable again because the desired temperature is reached the next day at the latest.

What do you not notice so quickly?

Temperature, humidity and draught are immediately classified by our body. On the other hand, microorganisms and pollutants are gradually perceived by our bodies. Everyone reacts differently to mould spores, bacteria, viruses and pollutants, so that many symptoms are not immediately associated with the ventilation or air conditioning system. That does not mean that an air conditioner, as described in some press articles, is a “virus centrifuge”.

Lack of hvac maintenance naturally leads to a high contamination of the system and the sewer network, but this can be counteracted with regular maintenance. Not only functional tests are carried out, but also cleaning work is carried out to maintain value and hygiene.

Regular replacement of the filters is also necessary, as many pollutants and microorganisms are filtered out of the outside air and collected in concentrated form. When fungi develop in filters, they grow with your filaments through them and distribute their spores through the entire system to the consumer of the processed air, you!

Air conditioning systems in motor vehicles

Air filters for cleaning the outside air are installed in ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and the same applies to the automotive industry, since all motor vehicles have air filters for the engine. This is replaced regularly, usually once a year, because if it is contaminated, the engine consumes more fuel.

Many vehicles also have a so-called pollen filter and this is also changed at least once a year, as it absorbs pollen and many pollutants from the preceding vehicles. People with hay fever may replace it twice a year.

What is the cause? The filters are replaced regularly, but who cleans the air conditioning system?

This phenomenon usually occurs after three to four years. That is, after approx. 1456 operating hours, whereby many do not operate their air conditioning system at all in winter and much lower operating hours are to be expected.

We spend an average of 8 hours a day at our workplace. So there are 2080 hours in which we have to consume the conditioned air. However, many plants are operated 24 hours a day and all the time. This results in 24 hours X 365 days = 8760 operating hours. With your vehicle the pollen filter would have been renewed 24 times.

It can therefore be clearly seen that regular maintenance units are necessary in order to avoid health risks and to guarantee adequate air quality. This does not mean that 24 maintenance sessions per year are necessary on your system. But depending on the strain and contamination, these must be carried out.
As a specialist company, we recommend at least two maintenance cycles per year.

Due to our many years of experience and our trained personnel, we are able to carry out all work correctly for you and, if necessary, repair your system. We are at your disposal with words and deeds, whether for sampling, maintenance, malfunctions, repair work or new installations.

Important hygiene is in ventilation and air-conditioning systems

The maintenance of your systems is an investment in the future, because this is the only way to ensure that your systems are always in perfect condition and that you minimize downtimes. Furthermore, you can thus ensure that you meet your operator obligations.

However, this is not possible for data protection reasons, as we do not pass on any customer data to third parties. However, we can assure you that unmaintained systems will cause impurities that are not acceptable to laypersons with the naked eye. Part of a hygiene inspection is with us, the documentation of the actual condition with a digital camera, which leads to the fact that not only house technicians are informed about the partly acute situation, but also their direct superiors. The result in most cases was regular maintenance and thus a considerably higher air quality, lower energy consumption values and a longer service life of the system.


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